Colin Sander - Director

I am a husband, a brother, an adventurer, and someone truly inspired by the beauty of this earth. One of the few nicknames I had growing up was 'storyhog'. In continuous pursuit of excellence in the craft of filmmaking, I've worked to fine-tune my personal style for more than a decade and feel confident in the stories I still stand to tell.

Educated at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, I directed narrative projects ranging from comedy to drama, and short to feature-length. I also served as a cinematographer for narrative, commercial, and experimental short films in both digital and emulsion-based workflows. My second feature-length documentary 'Only God Could Hear Me' screened in over a dozen countries, and I learned about process while working as an assistant to Academy-Award winning director Paul Haggis on ‘The Next Three Days’, starring Russell Crowe. (I also learned about process while grinding away at the seven blade flicks my brother and I produced and distributed bin high school...) My most recent picture, the Pensé Productions comedy ‘Dean Slater: Resident Advisor’ released on a variety of digital-platforms in a partnership with Cinedigm entertainment group & Filmbreak. I'm currently developing the feature-film properties 'Poison', 'Yabai Boy', and 'Portland High'. 

I continue to work with my brother & producing partner, Christian, our friends, colleagues, and network of USC, Loyola Marymount, and Chapman production alumni. In sharing my abilities in cinema and imaging, I hope to create beautiful, wondrous visual-worlds for clients with a variety of needs and ideas. My wife Tori & I live and work out of Los Angeles, California, spending most of our time brewing up wild ideas and plugging away at long-term passion projects. Tori works as lead design coordinator at the Interior Design company, Jenn Feldman Designs and is a loving companion and supporter in all of my journeys. 

stay tuned for upcoming projects in film, photography, and literature. I dove in headfirst to these pursuits and have rarely come up for air. I'm pounding the pavement and the keys, and believe the best is yet to come and I'm beyond excited to share it with you. Wether you are a collaborator, friend, or client, Thanks for seeing me, and taking the time to read this.