Colin Sander is an experienced director, cinematographer, stills-photographer, and content-creator committed to telling authentic stories, creating stunning moving-image visuals and films, and capturing, and sharing dynamic imagery from across the globe.


The media and images I seek to create are rooted in my deep connection with the natural world, and showcase the innate beauty of our earth, the light and life that fills it, and all of the wonderful people who make it whole. As a creator, I've worked with brands, companies, athletes, & artists, from a variety of disciplines and industries, with production experience in Alaska, British Columbia, Japan, Tanzania, the Galapagos Islands, and the Sierra Nevada mountains. I am a passionate traveler, and my home base is in Los Angeles.


Educated at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, I directed comedies and dramas, shorts and feature-length films. My feature-length documentary 'Only God Could Hear Me' exploring the psychology of four disabled 'non-speaking' people & their journey to communicate screened in over a dozen countries.  I learned the narrative-filmmaking process firsthand while working as production-assistant to Academy-Award winning director Paul Haggis on ‘The Next Three Days’. Back in the analog-days, my older brother Christian and I were producing, shooting, cutting, and distributing no-budget ski and skate videos in high school which taught us an indie approach to production & distribution. My first feature ‘Dean Slater: Resident Advisor’ released on iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon in a partnership with Cinedigm entertainment group & Filmbreak. I'm currently developing feature-film properties in both the narrative and documentary space.

I continue to work with my brother & and our network of friends, colleagues, and USC, LMU, and Chapman production alumni in creating entertainment, content, and cinematic images. I'm a founder of the Kendama-community Downspike, A professional player & founding team-member of the toy company Kendama USA, and a store-ambassador for the outdoor brand Arcteryx. My wife Tori & I live and work in Los Angeles, spending most of our time brewing up creative ideas and plugging away at long-term passion projects. Tori works as lead design coordinator at the Interior Design company Jenn Feldman Designs and is a loving companion and supporter in many of my journeys and projects. 

With upcoming work in motion-picture films, stills-photography, literature, and art- I continue to pursue my dreams and seek to share my perspective and speak to the audience through media, art, and content. Wether you are a collaborator, friend, or client, Thanks for finding and seeing me, and taking the time to read this. I'm beyond excited to share in this journey of creation with you.