Colin Sander - Director

I am a husband, a brother, an adventurer, and a lover of the earth. One of the few nicknames I had growing up was 'storyhog'. In continuous pursuit of excellence in the craft of filmmaking, I've worked to fine-tune my personal style for more than a decade and feel confident in the stories I still stand to tell.

Educated at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, I directed narrative projects ranging from comedy to drama, and short to feature-length. I also served as a DOP for narrative, commercial, and experimental short films in both digital and emulsion-based workflows. My second feature-length documentary 'Only God Could Hear Me' screened in more than ten countries, and I learned about process while working as an assistant to Academy-Award winning director Paul Haggis on ‘The Next Three Days’, starring Russell Crowe. (And while slaving away at the series of 7 blade flicks my brother and I produced and distributed in high school...) My most recent picture, the Pensé Productions comedy ‘Dean Slater: Resident Advisor’ released on a variety of digital-platforms in 2013, in a partnership with Cinedigm entertainment group & Filmbreak, and I'm currently developing the feature-film properties 'Poison', 'Yabai Boy', and 'Portland High'. 

I continue to work with my brother & producing partner, Christian, our friends, colleagues, and network of USC, Loyola Marymount, and Chapman production alumni. In sharing with the world my cinema and imaging, I hope to create beautiful, wondrous and colorful visual-worlds for clients with a variety of needs and ideas. My wife Tori & I live and work out of Los Angeles, California, spending most of my time brewing up wild ideas in visual storytelling, and plugging away at my long-form passion projects, while Tori works as lead design coordinator at the Interior Design company, Jenn Feldman Designs. 

Look for upcoming projects in film, photography, fine art, and literature.